Our Solutions

TAQA Misr offers swimming pool heating solutions that are preferred by pool owners. Natural gas pool heaters are useful at any time of the year and usually need to be run for less time, meaning less wear on the equipment.

We offer the best swimming pool heater through Pentair American boilers, which is one of the best gas pool heaters in terms of energy efficiency and design quality to suit different installation places, and is also designed to do the heating process in a very quiet operation, to be the ideal solution that provides speed, comfort and energy savings to its customers.

When you want the soothing experience of warm water, the Pentair MasterTemp® high-performance water heater brings you the design features that deliver lower operating costs, easy operation and a long, dependable service life.

Pentair MasterTemp® swimming pool heaters are well-known for best-in-class energy efficiency and low emissions, even while heating your pool quickly.

They feature an exceptionally compact design for such a high-performance heater, so they fit on smaller, less-intrusive equipment pads. Controls are intuitive and easy to use.

  • Pentair MasterTemp® swimming pool heaters are also designed for super-quiet operation to help keep your pool side experience tranquil.
  • Economical and fast premix combustion technology for best-in-class efficiency and fast warm-ups; no long waits to enjoy your pool.
  • Enhanced design sleek, updated looks with easy-to-use controls.
  • Built to last tough, rustproof composite exterior weathers the elements.

Available capacities of Pentair MasterTemp® swimming pool heaters from 125 BTU to 400 BTU.

Choose central water heating in order to save space, energy, and money.

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