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Taqa Misr Bathroom Warmer is a compact and classic bathroom radiator and towel dryer full of interesting features. With a narrow model, it can fit perfectly in confined spaces, even in the smallest bathrooms.

Own the special French heating technology

Enjoy dry and warm towels with the Momenta towel radiator. It works with a heat-conducting fluid that circulates throughout all towel rails to spread warmth evenly and quickly all over the place.

– With the Momenta towel radiator, it works with a heat-conducting fluid that circulates throughout all towel rails, not only to spread evenly warmth, but to provide quick and gentle warmth for optimum comfort
– In addition to heating the bathroom, you can also dry several towels at the same time
– Owning a Momenta heater, you will combine simplicity, efficiency and duffiness. It is a smart choice and good value for money

Unique user experience
– Easy to use digital control screen
– Heating temperature can be controlled
– Runtime can be controlled
– Used to dry bath towels
– Streamlined shape and is a decorative addition to your bathroom
– Easy to install

A smart user experience
– It can be controlled via the phone by adding a smart plug
– There is a maximum warm-up button which provides fast heating for 2 hours

A safe user experience
– Child lock feature provides a safe experience
– No harmful emissions
– Using the finest insulation materials internally and externally
– Water-resistant control panel

Made according to the highest European quality standards
– CE certified, which means that it is recognized in all European Union countries
– IP24 certified for its ability to be exposed to water from all sides
– Classll certified for the presence of internal and external insulation
– Thermostat, heater and control unit are manufactured in France by Conception
– The heater body was manufactured in Egypt from processed iron and tested in Europe

Indispensable features
– 5-year warranty on the exterior structure and 3-year warranty on electrical components
– Dedicated after-sales service team”



This silent modern slim-line design appliance comes in standard and narrow models to adapt harmoniously to any bathroom, even to the smallest ones. It is easy to install with a plug at about 30 cm from the bottom of the radiator. Bathroom warmer comes with several great features: multi-tariff digital thermostat and daily auto heating/auto drying functions allowing cost and energy savings, booster light, timer for towel drying, anti-staining process (ASP), etc. In addition, Bathroom warmer is quite user-friendly. Its control panel and efficient knobs are easily accessible and usable at the bottom of the appliance.

Low or varying water pressure is very common in one- or two-family homes. This results in low-pressure showers and trickling taps, something that significantly reduces the comfort of the homeowner.

Pressure booster pumps increase the water pressure in the desired locations for the convenience of our customers.

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