A step forward onto the road of success

Following various successes in Egypt and Malaysia since 2009 until now, we are pleased to announce the launch of TAQA Alkhaleej. We proudly announce the beginning of a new challenge that unlocks new horizons for communicating the company’s vision and services in a large and promising market such as the Saudi market. We are glad to offer heating solutions and water applications to the Saudi consumer, which include fireplaces, central space heating, swimming pool heating, domestic water pumps, and others.


What distinguishes TAQA Misr?


After 14 years of continuous success in the Egyptian and Malaysian market, we were able to build accumulated experience over the years in knowing what is best and most appropriate for the consumer, and now this experience has been transferred to the Saudi market through the opening of TAQA Alkhaleej.


Quality and Efficiency:

Through cooperation with major global companies, we guarantee to provide our customers the highest quality and efficiency.


Authenticity and Modernity:

We offer modern and classic designs to satisfy various tastes throughout smart and innovative solutions.


Integrated Services:

TAQA Misr, and consequently TAQA AlKhaleej, efforts are focused on achieving the concept of ​​integrated services. Starting with recommending the best solutions for each consumer, then dealing with the design and delivery phase, to after-sales services.


Because we value the importance of creating a comfortable atmosphere at your place, we strive to master each and every step we take.

To learn more about TAQA Misr and TAQA AlKhaleej services, visit our website or contact us. We are glad to serve you at all times.

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