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vulcan solar water heater
VULCAN Solar Water Heater
The most advanced solar heater
in the Egyptian market.
solatube daylightin
solatube daylighing video



Daylighting Systems

A global leader commercial daylighting systems
leading the daylighting revolution

Our Vision
To inspire every home
And every business,
To use renewable energy.
We didn't make the sky blue,
But at least we can help keep it that way
By our advanced renewable energy solutions
The Sun's temperature is around 15 million degrees Celsius.
So Heating water to 95 c is not much of a task for VULCAN Solar Heaters

Our solar water heating systems are designed to provide our residential and business customers with Efficient, Safe, Reliable and Cost Saving heating solutions.

Recent Works

Raya Building Galleria 40

To survive in today's dynamic global economy, like RAYA seeking ways to maximize their existing resources while delivering the same products and services to their customers.

Unilever 6th of October Warehouse

It all started when the warehousing and shipping employees department complained that the fluorescent lighting was not providing proper color rendition.

CocaCola Qalioub Manufacturing Facility

One of the challenges we faced was the time scale that we had to deliver the project in. We managed to finish and deliver the project in only two weeks.

PepsiCo Chipsy 6th October Factory

This project was the first step in exploring renewable energy solutions for thermal water heating for domestic use within Chipsy. Among Chipsy project challenges were.

  • 9600

    Working Hours

  • 700000

    Water Heated

  • 99000

    CO2 TONS Reduced

  • 600

    Happy Clients

Our Vision is to inspire every home and every business to use renewable energy.

- taqamisr -